ITHP Affiliate membership is a non-professional membership grade. It is suitable for people with a range of hospitality and tourism roles and responsibilities. Affiliate membership is a great option for line managers, chef, event & conference organizer, and other related professions. Affiliate membership is also an appropriate membership option for people who do not meet the requirements for Student or Graduate membership, or who do not yet meet the requirements of the professional membership grades of CHP and CTP.

Affiliate members stay in touch with changing ITHP requirements and industry developments and they have access to helpful ITHP resources, templates, and tools to support their hospitality and tourism activities. This membership provides the confidence that you can access the right information and support in all matters relating to hospitality and tourism activities.


  • No pre-requisites for membership: You do not need to know anything about hospitality and tourism, or have a background in the profession
  • Access to member services and tools: You just need hospitality and tourism information or support, without the extras
  • As an affiliate member, you may not have your own hospitality and tourism resources at hand but ITHP can provide the information you’re looking for
  • No ongoing commitments: Affiliate members are not required to undertake continuing professional development