The Certified Tourism Professional (CTP®) is a globally recognized credential in the marketplace as the most relevant qualification for a career in tourism. The CTP® certification ensures the candidate understands how the business of tourism operate, how the business is managed, how the industry functions and how strategy is developed. The certification also helps the candidate understand the economics of tourism operations, to manage performance and to manage risk.  CTP® holders are recognized for the long experience in the tourism industry and other professionals working in the related field.

To earn the CTP® designation, a candidate will need to pass assessment provided by the CTP® Body of Knowledge. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • University graduate of Bachelors degree in Tourism or related course from an accredited university or college
  • If not university graduate of Hospitality degree, a candidate must complete a minimum 120 hours of CTP® executive course
  • Minimum 250 hours in hospitality work experience
  • Two references from work supervisor, university registrar or CTP® member
  • Signed ITHP Professional Code of Conduct

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