Certified Hospitality Professional (CHP®)

The Certified Hospitality Professional (CHP®) is a globally recognized credential in the hospitality profession. The certification ensures the candidate has the skills to undertake any challenging business situations faced in the industry today. Taking the CHP® certification prepares the candidate more than the technical skills required for the job, it also teaches skills in management and leadership. CHP® holders are recognized for the long experience in the hospitality industry other professionals working in the related field.

To earn the CHP® designation, a candidate must need to accomplish the assessment provided by the CHP® Body of Knowledge. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • University graduate of Bachelors degree in Hospitality or related course from an accredited university or college
  • If not university graduate of Hospitality degree, a candidate must complete a minimum 120 hours of CHP® executive course
  • Minimum 250 hours in hospitality work experience
  • Two references from work supervisor, university registrar or CHP® member
  • Signed ITHP Professional Code of Conduct

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