The Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Professional (ITHP) is the global association of hospitality and tourism professionals in the business. ITHP is one of the largest organizations dedicated exclusively to promoting the profession. ITHP is devoted to strengthening leadership skills of members to help advance their careers.

The ITHP is designed to show ability, knowledge, and experience, within the hospitality and tourism profession. Professionals belong to tourism and hospitality are invited to be part of ITHP’s global advocacy of promoting excellence in the practice of the profession.

Core Values

The ITHP is established by its mission and an underlying set of values that oblige how we govern and manage the expectations of our members and affiliates. Our core values are independent of the business environment or industry trends that influence our organization. These values are fundamental to our existence as an institute.

At ITHP, we believe in:

  • Professional Competence: Competence must create a positive influence on the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Accountability: Accountability of members and management ensures our commitment to industry and society at large
  • Collaboration: Effective partnerships with stakeholders are one way to achieve our strategic mission and goals
  • Networking: Bringing industry members of the hospitality and tourism community together is one way to promote ITHP professional qualifications
  • Communication: Creating forums and conference is the best way to encourage viewpoints and enable to contribute to the development of hospitality and tourism profession and to the Institute

Our core values serve as our moral compass that provides continuity and sustainable platform to communicate our beliefs that guide our actions and behavior.

Our certification programs: Certified Hospitality Professional (CHP®) and Certified Tourism Professional (CTP®) enhance the competency and professionalism of managers and executives in the industry, while at the same time creating a community of practitioners to grow through knowledge sharing, networking, and partnerships.

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