Institute of Tourism and Professionals (ITHP) Career Framework

The hospitality and tourism industries are dynamic and expansive sectors that play crucial roles in global economic development. As they continually evolve, driven by changing consumer preferences and technological advancements, the demand for skilled professionals who can adapt and thrive in these environments also increases.

Developing a structured career framework for Certified Hospitality Professionals and Certified Tourism Professionals is essential for guiding individuals through their career paths while ensuring consistent professional growth and excellence in service delivery.

These frameworks are designed to outline a clear progression route from entry-level positions to senior roles, highlighting the skills, qualifications, and experiences necessary at each stage. They serve not
only as a roadmap for career development but also as a tool for employers to better identify, develop, and retain talent within their organizations.

Objectives of the Career Frameworks

Clarify Career Paths - Provide clear and attainable career progression paths for individuals in the hospitality and tourism sectors, helping them understand the steps needed to advance and the competencies
required at each level.

Standardize Professional Development - Establish industry standards for skills and qualifications that align with specific job roles, ensuring that training and professional development activities are targeted and relevant.

Enhance Professional Growth - Facilitate continuous learning and professional growth through identified certifications, training programs, and higher education opportunities, which are integral to advancing within these fields.

Improve Recruitment and Retention - Aid employers in the hospitality and tourism sectors in attracting skilled professionals by offering clear career progression opportunities and fostering a workforce that is well-trained and committed to long-term career goals within the industry.

Encourage Industry Innovation - By promoting advanced education and specialized training, the frameworks aim to foster innovation and adaptability among professionals, ensuring the hospitality and tourism industries remain competitive and responsive to market changes.

Promote Ethical Practices and Sustainability - Encourage adherence to ethical standards and sustainable practices within the industries, critical for maintaining global tourism locales and environments, and enhancing the reputation of businesses within these sectors.

By outlining these objectives and the structured path in the career frameworks, Certified Hospitality Professionals and Certified Tourism Professionals are better equipped to navigate their career journeys effectively. This approach not only benefits the individuals by providing clear goals and expectations but also enhances the overall quality and competitiveness of the hospitality and tourism industries globally